KPBA and The Reading Corner Present….


Open Mic Nights @ The Reading Corner in Kenai!

We’ve enjoyed hosting open mic night at The Reading Corner this year for local youth. It’s been an awesome experience getting to know these talented young adults and see them grow more comfortable in front of an audience as they wow us all with their singing talent.

This year, we hosted our first ever KPBA “Kenai’s Got Talent” Show in the Renee C. Henderson Auditorium at KCHS. Our goal was to raise dollars for our local scholars and apply the proceeds from the event to our Youth Scholarship Program. It is a huge bonus that this is a fantastic, family-friendly event (as is our open-mic night!) that brings everyone together to support our local youth.

We’ll be starting up our Youth Open Mic nights again in January. Each month we take our top performers and enter them in our “Kenai’s Got Talent” Show later in the year.

Do you want to be part of it as a performer, volunteer or donor? Fill out the simple form below or just show up at an open mic night sometime. We’re hoping 2020 allows us more opportunities to work with our local youth and show them we support their talents and their dreams.