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KPBA Youth Scholarship Program

KPBA has been focused on youth outreach with our annual KPBA Shelby Johnson Memorial Scholarship, our monthly Youth Open Mic Nights and our “Kenai’s Got Talent” Show. We believe that investing in our youth is part of being a valuable member of our community. We have a mission, and it includes investing in the future of our community; youth outreach is a critical component.

KPBA and Junior Achievement of Alaska

In October 2019, Junior Achievement of Alaska came to Kenai to speak with our members about how they can help mentor and support our local youth starting in the classroom. Junior Achievement has a program for Kindergarteners up to Seniors and the volunteer opportunities are endless!

Some of our members are already signed up to volunteer in our local classrooms. We couldn’t be prouder! What a great opportunity to be able to share their career endeavors with the next generation, and make a positive impact that could last a lifetime. Get involved. Invest in our youth. Your time is worth so much more than you realize.

Kenai’s Got Talent Show

So what do builders have to give to our local youth and where’s the connection? Why are we doing open mic nights and a talent show?

Well….they didn’t know who we are, or that we give away scholarships. We just decided to reach out to them in a way that would make a connection.

Music is the universal language. While we may not all appreciate the same types of music, we can agree that we enjoy music. So we began an open mic night for our local youth. Whereas before they may never have heard of us, they now know who we are and what we do. And even better, now their friends, family and co-workers know.

Our 2019 “Kenai’s Got Talent” Show took 12 of our talented open mic participants and put them on stage for our community to enjoy. We gave away $1000 in awards and spread the word about how KPBA is actively building relations in our community that support our youth.

Our events are open to the public and we encourage everyone to participate. Whether you are performing or there to listen, let’s grow this endeavor and keep giving our local youth an opportunity to shine!

Would you like to help immediately with our Youth program? We have plans to buy a portable sound system for our open mic nights, raise more money for our scholarships, and grow mentorship opportunities for our youth. Click the donate button below to make an online contribution, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to see how you can help make a difference.

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